A life time of opportunities

15 01 2010

Thanks to parents that were willing to sacrifice comfort, time and money to provide their children with more opportunities in life a new group of immigrants came to US over 33 years ago.  I refer to a dentist from Brazil with his wife and five of his eight children, I refer to my father.

As immigrants several challenges had to be overcome that involved starting a new life in a new country, spending a lot of time and money with legal assistance to get visas and work permit. Also, everyone had to learn a new language.

At early age I learned that communication goes way beyond spoken words as the only words I knew when I started school was “I don’t speak english”.

When contemplating the years and experiences I’ve been blessed with I’m always grateful for parents that acted towards changing a course of life where more choices became available for my family and generations to come.

As Brazil is now also booming with opportunities I feel extremely privileged to have had the life and experiences I’ve had so far and look forward to a future where new bridges are in place connecting the two countries I’ve grown to love.

As a child, in Brazil, I used to say I wanted to be a civil engineer and build bridges when I grow up. Building bridges continues to be my desire, virtual bridges, connecting countries, people and businesses.

I believe in volunteering as the ultimate work experience because we volunteer to causes we believe in and when we work doing what we believe and enjoy it becomes a volunteer effort in exchange to income.

Life is not always a perfect pathway and I have learned from every block and every wall I had to confront. As hard as it may have seemed at the time it’s what provided me with the experience and knowledge needed to move forward with success in life and business opportunities, continuously learning in the present for a better future.