Strategic marketing executive with proven track record of strong domestic and international trade experience in United States and Latin America, understanding the culture, business potential and available growth, particularly in Brazil, part of the BRIC, a group of four countries projected to have a larger GDP then the G7, the richest countries, by 2050.

Effective and creative with understanding of Brazil and USA procedures to organize new corporations, build high-performance processes and bridge the gap in business trade, technology, trade acumen and communications. Extensive network developed over the years with political and corporate relationships, business leads and connections.

Highlights include:

International Business Development: Proficient and knowledgeable in all aspects of importing and exporting and movement of goods including terms, legal paperwork, country specific fees and taxes, government structures, foreign trade zones, logistics, etc.

Strategic Customer/Client Development: Led company expansion from non-existent customer/client base into a robust business resulting in revenue and profit growth for various international shipping lines. Able to recognize creative new opportunities for growth in Latin America.

Brazilian and Latin American Marketing:  Native of Brazil, speak and write Portuguese, Spanish and English.  Over 25 years  of networking with strong political, civic and business connections.

Customer Service: Established standardized project management methodologies to ensure exceptional and consistent standards of delivery to customers.

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